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I want to ride my bicycle!

Posted on: Thursday, 12 April 2012

Now read that in a Queen-style falsetto.

Thank you. As if there was ever any other way.

T'is the holidays. School holidays can only mean one thing: SORTING YOUR LIFE RIGHT OUT. And one of the tasks I've undertaken during these holidays is to THINK ABOUT MOVING TO BRUSSELS.

Just think about it, mind. Not actually do anything about it. Well, that's a partial lie - I've done a couple of things. I've made some lists (love list-making, me) and I've thought about riding a bicycle.

You know, it's going to be great. In my imagination, my hair's flowing over my shoulders like a silken shawl. I'm navigating the cobbles with the expertise of a mountain goat. I sweep around the corner, park up outside the local Boulangerie and - after some witty French banter with Baker Jean, naturellement - buy one of those baguettes to put into my wicker basket.

Oh, it's going to be super! And it's definitely not going to be arduous or sweaty riding the aforementioned bicycle! Nope! Not at all! I've even got a bicycle - a totally inappropriate 1940s one with dodgy brakes!

Gee, I can hardly wait.

You see, one of the major perks of going to live in Brussels is that we won't need a car. My school is 20 minutes tops from the city centre and is on a major tram route. Hurrah. Bedders - who currently loves his LIFE if his annual mileage comes in at less than 30,000 - will no longer be grabbing 40 winks in laybys at various points along the A1.

I think this calls for a bit of Pinterest bike-perving.

Seriously, though, I need a hybrid (I think). And Brussels is pretty flat (I think). So all should be good, yeah?


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