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Brummie Love.

Posted on: Thursday, 12 April 2012

We were lucky enough to be invited to the lovely Susie and Maurice's wedding over the Easter weekend.

Susie and I were NQTs at a school in Leeds and worked together for three years, which passed in a whirlwind of Ofsted, car-sharing and house parties. Then I left for another school and she departed for far more exotic purposes: travelling the world. She took on a job in a Birmingham pub to raise some much-needed cash, met Maurice behind the bar, fell head over heels....and went travelling anyway. Those nine months she was away, said Maurice, made them.

Maurice is a Brummie with a penchant for singing UB40 on karaoke. He also said that he was happier marrying Susie than when Birmingham City won the cup. Aw. Susie is a GOOD EGG - like, a lovely, hippyish, here's-my-last-fiver, I-really-want-to-come-on-your-hen-do-but-I'm-skint-so-I'll-get-the-Megabus kinda girl. It was a totally ace, unpretentious, WE LOVE EACH OTHER kind of day. Susie and Maurice loving each other, that is - not Susie and I. That's be weird. Huzzah for them.

She's also an art teacher whose talent is sickening. Sickening, I tell thee. Are these not the most adorable place settings you've ever seen?

And she made her own bouquet and table flowers out of origami paper. Grand, eh?

*flower shamelessly stolen from table.

We've been on holiday to Herefordshire for a few days. Photos and whatnot to follow.


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