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Collective Nouns

Posted on: Saturday, 14 April 2012

The lovely Penny sent me this picture from Test Space in the Corn Exchange, Leeds.

I should get one, eh?

It got me thinking about my love of collective nouns. One of my teachers at school had a huge poster of collective nouns on her classroom wall and I bloody loved it. It resurfaced in my NQT year when another teacher in my department managed to lay her hands on one - needless to say, I was hugely jealous.

I love them. Hence the blog title - although owls are a little 'trendy' these days (there are a LOT of patchwork cushions about), I do like their big eyes and their sombre bookish faces.

Birds tend to have great collective nouns. A murder of crows, for example. An exaltation of larks. A squabble of seagulls. But this website has some super (and lesser-known) ones.

My favourite? I love the Shakespearian tone of 'a cowardice of curs'. The playfulness of 'a mischief of mice'. Anyone for 'a leash of greyhounds'? And the sheer lunacy of 'a blessing of unicorns' appeals, too.



  1. Well I am obviously up for "a leash of greyhounds". And I'm sure I've probably posted this before, but here it is once more, with feeling: Woop Studios collective noun posters.

  2. I thought of you with 'a leash of greyhounds' obviously. Don't you think 'it suits greyhounds more than any other breed of dog? Oo, I do.


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