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Save the Date

Posted on: Saturday, 25 December 2010

My sister and her fiance's Save the Date/Christmas cards. Apparently they had an ACE day making the snowmen, eating carrots and digging my First Holy Communion veil out of the loft...

Eire. Christmas.

It is Christmas. Well, it’s Saturday 18th December, which is good enough for me. I have broken up from school. What’s even more shocking, though, is that I reached some semblance of a straight edge in my final week (i.e. shifted a sh*tpile of marking and sorted some administrative cack).

Don’t get me wrong. I still have tonnes to do (“To be a teacher, you have to be satisfied with having lots of loose ends, I think. Like, all the time...” – a slightly-less-world-weary McDonagh in 2005. She had her head screwed on, that girl). But it’s manageable.

We are off to Romantic Ireland (a fiver a pint! Woo!) for a few days post-Christmas-itself and I CANNOT BLOODY WAIT.

Things What I Think We Should Do:

Go to Kennedy’s (pub in the actual middle of nowhere. The sign is a 70s-era joy-to-behold-monstrosity complete with a martini avec olive on the sign. I doubt anyone’s drank a martini in there EVER) and have the craic with the locals. That’ll be Uncle John and Frank Spellman, then.)

Head to Nathy Brennan's in Tubbercurry for much of the same craic. It's a hardware store AND a pub. You can buy, err, nails and drink pints simultaneously.

Go to Yeats’ grave and swoon over the ‘Had I The Heavens’ Embroidered Cloths’ sculpture.

"But I, being poor, have only my dreams..."

Go swan-spotting in Sligo. There are real ones...

And bronze ones...

Take a seaweed bath in Enniscrone, complete with saltwater shower. Mm.

Enjoy feeling like a peach after aforementioned seaweed bath.

Visit Croagh Padraig. Attempt to climb it. Or at least think about attempting to climb it. Have a squiz at the Famine Memorial.

Go to the traditional music (ceol) session in Gurteen.

Go to Galway. Visit more family. Take the ferry to the Arran Islands and have a drink in Joe McDonagh’s pub. Look at the beautiful Gaelic inscriptions on the graves. Oh, I am a maudlin creature.

See the Davey girls in Clonmel, Tipperary. This may involve drinking and dancing. Less maudlin.

Visit a load of family. Have cheeks pinched by overzealous aunties. Drink several Irish coffees. Eat lots of sandwiches.

Bring. It. On.

Hurrah for Christmas!

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