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Posted on: Monday, 2 April 2012

So. We have been to Brussels this weekend for a bit of a scout around da hood. Da hood we might live in. In September. Argggh. 

FYI, that was the noise of excitement/strangulation. 

Oh, you haven't been paying attention? You don't obsess over the minutiae of my life? How very dare you. Allow me to fill you in. 

1) Bedders got a job in Brussels. A supremely wonderful job in agricultural policy. Cue the Halleluiah Choirs. 

2) Then I got a job in Brussels. Like, last week. I still need to explain more about that. I will.  Cue the Jurassic Park theme music

Suddenly our Whole Ruddy Life has changed and I'm having all of these idealistic notions of parquet flooring and open-plan living and roof terraces and big windows and beer in the park ('...because that's what they DO in France!', I proclaimed last weekend. 'Err, you're in Belgium,' Bedders retorted), writing a book and Jaysus wouldn't that be marvellous? 

So yes. We were there this weekend. And amongst everything else I've been doing (it really has been crazymaniatastic in Bedfordville), I HAVE DOWNLOADED HIPSTAMATIC. 

Yes, I am well aware I'm about fifty billion years after everyone else. Seriously. When I got my iPod shuffle in 2010 I thought I was the cutting edge of hipness. Alas, I no longer labour under that illusion.  

So here are a few Hipstamatic treats from this weekend. 

Clockwise from top left. The Grand Place. Tulips, obvs. We bought Clare some winter roses and anenomes and then left them in the apartment. Doh. I am the worst sister ever. I am SO excited about having a bike. My new school is 6 miles away from the neighbourhood we're looking at and I'm having (perhaps slightly unrealistic but nevertheless delightful) visions of cycling to work, geeky helmet and all. War memorial. After my Pat Barker-inspired WWI musings I looked at them with fresh eyes. 

Ah. Now. If you ever go to Brussels (and you MUST, it's lovely), you need to go to this shop. The owner is impossibly chic and has impeccable taste (aside from her blatant love of wicker fans, which I wasn't feeling so much) and you could spend a LOT of money here. We restrained ourselves to the following...

It is BEAUTY INCARNATE. Bought with wedding euros, so it's Totally. Fine. Yeah?

And these plates, which make me so happy I could cry. Nearly. They are so square and so colourful and so European. 

I hope you all have some exciting Easter plans. We have a wedding (the lovely Susie Smith will become Susie Murphy - or Smurphy. Huzzah.) and a trip to a Hertfordshire cottage. And then Wales next weekend with the ma, for what is becoming an annual pilgrimage. I think we'll leave Snowdon this time, though. 


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