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Posted on: Tuesday, 14 February 2012

So we may be moving house.


But more on that later.

The thought of moving brings thoughts of packing. The thought of packing brings thoughts of hot sweats and rashes.

I hate moving. Strike that. I despise moving.

But anyhoo. I got to thinking the other day about non-negotiables as far as a house was concerned. You see, we may need to move to a house that's rented. One where we can't paint the walls or mess around with wallpaper. Or we could, I suppose, but there would be little point.

So what could I do to make it my house? What would I absolutely have to have?

I think the answer is shelves. Shelves, man. They're a massive deal in wor hoose.

More practising with the camera....more faffing about with the iPad!

Beer mats as a Save The Date? Good, eh?


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