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Pen Do

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The count down to Pen Do is on.

Have you met Penny? She is the original badass bride. She wore a feathery dress to her wedding. She fronts a band. Like, an actual real-life band. She performed at her own reception. And there were definitely some turquoise shoes in there somewhere. And a mental cake.

Some time ago, she came up with the idea for Pen Do. A do organised by Pen. Ny. I don't think I know her well enough to call her Pen. Not yet, anyway.

So, this Saturday, in Leeds, a load of women-what-write-and-read-stuff-on-t'interweb-about-life-and-that will be let loose in a karaoke bar for one glorious night only. There will be alcohol. And singing. Crikey O'Reilly.

Meanwhile, I'm having mild outfit panic.

I kind of wish I had ordered this.

NW3, £159

Or this.

NW3, £159

Bur definitely not this. Yikes.

Don't think you need to know how much it is because ONLY MAD WOMEN would buy this bodycon horrowshow.

All pickletures ASOS.

What are folk wearing?

I feel like the shy girl who will only go to the loo at the school disco if her friend comes with her. Argh.


  1. Ooh, that feather dress is gorgeous! I don't know what I'm wearing yet. Which is unfortunate, because I only have approximately thirty minutes over the next 24 hours in which to pack my bag for three days of Pen Do. TRAUMA.

    I think "women-what-write-and-read-stuff-on-t'interweb-about-life-and-that" should be AOW's new tagline, btw.

  2. I have only just seen this!!! I feel like I have my own personal elevator pitch now! I love the feather print dress too, it rawks. So excited. I haven't decided what to wear either, am setting aside Friday afternoon to freak out about it....


  3. Hobbs have sent me a bloody 20% off coupon! It's like when GoogleAds READ YOUR MIND!

    Eek. Excited.

  4. I need to get on Hobbs mailing list.... Love the feather dress.

  5. Oh guys I hope you all looked rad and and had sooooo much fun! (Jealous!)

    I do rather like Hobbs on occasion!


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