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Be My Valentine

Posted on: Sunday, 5 February 2012

It is one of the finest Valentine's cards I've come across this year.

It almost made the cut for Bedford. Almost.

Unfortunately, I figured I'd probably appreciate it more than him and I was doing that annoying thing of buying something because I really liked it. Rather than because my husband would adore it similarly.

Today I am mainly procrastinating. Next week I will mainly be trying very, very hard to concentrate on work and not be completely and utterly distracted by going here on Friday:

Yes, in time-honoured Mr and Mrs Bedford tradition, we will be holing up in a country spot for a few days in half-term. Eeeeeeek. Oh, how we love a damp UK hideyhole!

Err, have you ever been on Under The Thatch? It's pretty amezzin'. Seriously. Want to stay in a renovated 1920s tin bungalow? Or a gypsy caravan by the sea? Or indulge your inner Cher and set up camp in the wagon from a travelling circus show?

Although I'm convinced they photoshop the skies in all of the pictures - the Welsh heavens have never, ever been that blue. But I'll let them off.


  1. We have a day trip to the coast planned in half term. A great friend has also love Under the thatch. Enjoy your break.

  2. Oo, coast? Dahn Sahf? Lovely. I hope it's warm enough to have a paddle in the sea. Here's hoping!


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