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I had a blog planned but...

Posted on: Monday, 11 October 2010

...then I went and bought my bridesmaid dresses this weekend. And they have usurped everything I was going to write in my brain. In fact, they've usurped EVERYTHING in my brain aside from how to breathe and walk. I'm low-level functioning right now. Honestly. Oh God. Here they are...

This picture, however, does them NO justice. In reality they are the most beautiful shade of oyster - all pinky creamy lusciousness - and the fabric is so deliciously vintage I might just wee myself with excitement. They're just the right side of sexy, super-elegant and will look unbelievable with coral shoes, pink hair accessories, bouquets with white, pink and lemon roses, beaucoup de greenery and the girls' dark hair. Ohmigod. Beauty incarnate!

And from Coast, no less! Alex and I trekked in there prepared for the 'obligatory posh frock Coast session' (all about anticipation and ends in disappointment that everything's a bit grannified) and we were pleasantly surprised to say the least. Hurrah!

OK. Gush over. Will attempt to collect thoughts later for a proper post. Yup.


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