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Dress Dilemmas

Posted on: Monday, 11 October 2010

Some people go crazy for cake. Some brides-to-be are bothered about bands. Some girls are fussy about photography and some fellas are finickity about food.
But there’s one wedding day detail that unquestionably tops all others. The Mac Daddy, you might say, of details. Or perhaps the Big Kahuna Burger of wedding planning.
Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about…THE DRESS.
Did you detect my hushed, near-reverential tone? Good. It was deliberate.
I think my first Rock My Wedding blog will  be about this very issue. Best not do it here, mind. T’would be improper.
But here’s a taster. My ideal dress?
· Not long
· Not white
· Not really all that conventional

Oh, and the purchase of it shouldn’t really involve getting near-naked in close proximity to a woman you’ve only just met, for cripe’s sake. Who calls you ‘hon’. Repeatedly.
Thoughts on dresses and experience of dress shopping coming soon…
And on a final point, I googled 'fairytale princess wedding dress' as an example of everything je deteste about nuptial frocks and this was search result numero uno. C'est tres jolie, non?


  1. I'm enjoying that we blog about either end of the marriage experience. Although I have to say quickly that my outcome isn't predestined at all.

    I planned to wear a turquoise cheongsam dress for my wedding and got diverted into sparkly princessville territory. Possibly my first mistake. Actually, no. That was Matthew.

    Enjoying the blog but would suggest, as a teaching blogger, you need to watch having your actual name on the same page as the word 'fuck'. The kids Google us when bored and if the comp sends 270,000 people via you that's a conversation you don't want to have with SLT x

  2. Is this what you apologised for? Aha! You've just made me google myself. I found an estate agent from Hertfordshire on twitter who "loves her boyfriend and kitten to bits" (err, is that me? No, thank God, it's not) and a model who is prepared to "do nude". Hmm.

    I shall ponder!


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