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Perfick Weekend

Posted on: Sunday, 13 January 2013

OK, so we weren't going to spend any money ever again until March. 

But then Bedders was about to depart for the UK for work for a wee while and so we spent our last Saturday together for a fortnight doing All Of The Things In Brussels We Like Best. 

This consisted of the following: 

Bedders going for a haircut while I browsed the second-hand bookshop Pele-Mele (I beg of you, watch the video), then Bedders joined me and browsed too (I'd nearly gorged myself on smelly books by this point, so we only needed another 15 minutes or so). 

Then we went to Belga which is full of boys with little beards and silly hats and too-cool-for-school sailor tats but the food is luscious and the mint tea is awesome. And we saw some friends and had some craic and that was pretty sweet. 

Then we debated going to Le Petit Coin (they now have a website, which is here, but it doesn't show their current stock and you can't buy anything via it, which renders it pretty pointless, although here is some other stuff I bought there if you're interested in).  

Sometimes we go and there's nowt of interest. Sometimes, though, we go and we DIE. 

Yesterday was one of the latter instances. 

So we bought a luscious chair, and a cushion ('Eeet is made of vintage how-you-say fabrique, non?') and a blanket and bedside cabinet of my Actual Dreams (my pinterest board 'Wor Hoose' has almost turned into a homage to bedside tables, of which this particular one from Le Petit Coin is the pinnacle). And then we just had to go to Habitat for crisp white bedding and a rug and some more cushions. And a lightshade. And a rug for the living room which is kind of brown and fluro pink. It sounds totally VILE but in reality it's Beauty Incarnate. 


And so I'm getting the newspapers Bedders gave me for our anniversary framed. We were both born on a Sunday, so he procured the Observers from the days we were born as a first 'paper' anniversary gift - I was obviously born on a bumper news day as the headline screams something about POISONOUS LEAD PAINT IN CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUNDS, and Mark Thatcher was doing some wheeling and dealing on the day Bedders entered the world. I think they'll look a treat above the bed.  

And then our new neighbours had a party last night and invited us up. Marion wore a party dress and heels and served canapes and Laurent kept topping up the champagne. Everyone was lovely and we had the easiest journey home ever, i.e. down the internal stairs. BONUS. 

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and it hasn't stopped since. It's freezing but the light is lovely. 

So really this weekend has been rather lovely. It's almost alleviated the pain that the Gatsby release has been put back till May. 

Hope you've had similar amounts of fun!


  1. Waaaah, what loot!! You were right in the eye of the luck storm there!

    You will never forget these days, they will be etched in your mind for the rest of your days. It all sounds extreeemly romantic! My hubby and I lived in Hong Kong not long after we got married and pre kids, and I treasure the memories we made. Which sounds soppy enough to make you puke, but there it is, the truth. Bxx ps off to stalk you and your bedside tables on Pinterest!

  2. OK, now stalking you right back and want an amethyst ring. SIGH. It'll have to be March!

    PS Not puking. Thought that was lovely (and pretty much exactly what we're doing here :D yippee!)

  3. as we're actually not spending any money at. all. until way beyond March, I can't be doing with seeing you buy all of the lovely stuff. Also, our 'up the internal stairs for a dinner party' friends super clever Adelaide and shakespeare Nick are in Brussels for months too! It's not fair.


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