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It would have taken way more seagulls than Roald Dahl said...

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 January 2013

...to lift James' Giant Peach. You can read about it here, if you like. A friend sent me it knowing I'd appreciate it. And I did. 

And aren't the illustrations lovely? 

I'm trying to read the bugger in French at the minute (it's 'grosse peche' in French, which is a bit of an troubling translation for me - like fat? Fat peach? Big fatty peach? Hmm). 

Well, I say trying. I mean looking up every second word. 

Apparently, it will IMPROVE MY FRENCH. And my resolve to stick at these New Year's Resolutions isn't fading. Oh no. Not yet. 15 days in (well, I started on the 6th, so technically, it's 9 days, but who's being a technical bore?) and I'm going strong. Like a trooper. 

Don't even want a beer. Wouldn't have it if you offered me one. Not even THINKING about a beer. A lovely Belgian beer. Nah. 


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