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Posted on: Monday, 7 January 2013

Sooo I went to see the David Hockney Exhibition in Cologne. 

Hockers. What a guy. 

And it was AMAZING for the following reasons:

1) We booked, all casual like, online a couple of weeks beforehand. None of this Royal Academy queuing-for-months/selling-kidneys-in-order-to-procure-tickets nonsense. 

2) There was a *big breath* video installation on four walls with nine screens showing the same country lane but each wall showed it in a different season. Oh, and it was just impossible to look at without your eyes roving all over the thing and the wintery one hurt my eyes it was so brilliant and white like real snow. And it was, like, properly amezzin.

3) This painting was one of the first ones I saw and it blew my mind. 

The colours were unreal - this picture does it nooo justice. And the plough lines in the field must have been created by dragging some cardboard with a zig-zaggy edge through the paint like I remember doing in primary school. I just wanted to run my fingers over it and feel the ridges. 

4) Cologne was beautiful. And full of lovelocks which provided a non-insignificant amount of imstagram joy:

mismacdonner instagram

5) And we stayed in a B&B (within spitting distance of the Erotic Superstore, yer narr) which looked like THIS: 

WOAH. This isn't a futon, by the way. Actually a big, posh, white, shiny bed. 

So yes, Cologne. I can totally recommend it for luscious-arty-shopping-city-break. 

Now mustn't spend any money ever again until, err, March (at least). 


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