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Posted on: Monday, 11 June 2012

Reader, I need you to steel yourself. If you have a penchant for stunningly beautiful home furnishings, you may regret reading. Just take a look at these cheeky little devils.

Umm, hello Donna Wilson. You seem to be making blankets that are basically ME but in a BEAUTIFUL BLANKET FORM.

Problem is, Donna, they're not exactly at impulse buy. At £180 - which I have no doubt these little beauties are worth, especially after the ill-advised trip to Hay-on-Wye's Welsh Nursing Blanket shop (yes, there is such a thing - here) which was run by the poshest woman I have ever met - a woman so very, very posh it was almost difficult, as a Northerner, to communicate with her - anyway, I digress - where was I? Oh yes, at £180, I'm going to have to save up and perhaps direct some birthday money towards this particular purchase. But that's not a problem. You see, I simply MUST own the blanket.  

Bedders does not understand the blanket. He did not get an agenda about the blanket. He thinks the blanket is pretty, yes, but does not understand that the blanket commands me to own it. He doesn't realise that I'm just a pawn in the blanket's game; a mere mortal fated to do the blanket's bidding. Never mind. Soon he will understand the blanket's wishes. He will yield. Oh yes, he will yield.  

Now which colour should I go for?

PS Don't even LOOK at the rest of the website. Certainly don't browse the cushions. Or the little birdy plates, otherwise it's game over. G-A-M-E-O-V-E-R.


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