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Posted on: Sunday, 10 June 2012


Sooo....I've been to Brussels for half-term (really, Laura? You didn't mention it...) My third time in Belgium and I'm moving there in...oo, six weeks or so? Yikes. It's all starting to feel very real (how many times will I actually write that before I go, 'JESUS, WE'RE MOVING AND I HAVEN'T PACKED A THING!'?)

The Good News: WE HAVE A FREAKING APARTMENT! And it is luscious. Spacious and awesome windows and on a handy tram line AND a roof terrace. The boy did good (even if it nearly killed him with stress finding it). And it's above a speech therapy office so, you know, I'll be properly taken care of if I develop a lisp. Phew.

The Other Good News: I went into my New Workplace and everyone and everything was charming. I've returned with a load of exam specifications and a poetry anthology and a copy of I'm The King of the Castle by Susan Hill. Reading a-go-go.

The Rest Of The Good News: I saw my sister (avec bump) and brother-in-law and all is well in that department, had a beer every day (and an icecream almost every day), went to Bruges (nice) and Gent (even nicer), was inspired to use Instagram a little more (I'm missmacdonner, as per the twitter - come and have a looksee - I want more people to follow!) and was forced by a couple of days of poor weather to buy a pair of Eurohipster trainers (see above). Well, we all have our cross to bear.

In fact, everything was so ruddy lovely I'm not even going to mention the fact I was nearly bitten to death by mozzies in Europe. Nope. Not a word.


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