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If you think you're sexy...

Posted on: Monday, 17 October 2011

Oh Jarvis. You are the embodiment of everything I value in the world.

You are Northern and working class (well, someone called Jarvis can only be semi-working-class at most, but your wry observations of the underbelly of society make you an honorary member of the Club of Common Man. Solidarity, brother!)

You present on BBC 6 Music.

You waggled your arse at Michael Jackson/the assembled Brit Awards collective.

You won the 2002 Stars in Their Eyes celebrity special impersonating Rolf Harris.

The Pulp website is a triumph of design - ooo, it gives me shivers.

You once said, "Anyone who thinks they're sexy needs their head checked."

And now Faber and Faber have published your collected lyrics.

What are you looking forward to receiving in the post?


  1. I have some new spectacles wending their way to me right now. They will hopefully make me look even more like Mr Cocker (the librarian chic and flipping my hair around foppishly just ain't cutting it anymore).



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