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Posted on: Saturday, 13 October 2012

Autumn has arrived. In fact, it's been here for a couple of weeks - but it's been dry and crisp and bright. Today, though, has been a wet ol' day. I've spent the majority of the day in my pyjamas reading*. And maybe had a cherry beer. 

Not before we went down to Flagey, however, to have a look-see in Le Petit Coin for an open-backed bookcase/cool rug/something we vaguely 'needed'** for the apartment. 

They didn't have anything under those headings. They had a beautiful chest of drawers, though. 

We did not need a chest of drawers. We did not get an agenda about a chest of drawers. 

But it was so bloody cute we had to buy it. 

Apologies for crappy focus. Trust me, it's beautifully yellowy wood in real-life. Dark day + broken lightbulb = iPhoto editing overload. Lighten, lighten, enhance, enhance!

Last Le Petit Coin Purchase: these hooks. We need a drill to put them up, though.

I'm glad this place only opens when the lady who owns it feels like it/isn't skiing in Aspen. Otherwise, I might be a pauper. 

And now, I'm about to shake off the shackles of an unproductive day and go out for dinner. There might be lipstick involved.

* Disclaimer: This would NEVER have happened en Angleterre. 
** 'Needed' is very relative, I know. I am a very lucky girl. We are all lucky girls/boys. 


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