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Lahndahn Tahn.

Posted on: Sunday, 20 May 2012

Just when I think I might be OK with Bedders being in Brussels while I'm seeing out the school year in Leeds - you know, I have a wonderful weekend with a very lovely friend in our nation's capital and I drink some wine and sample a Peanutbutter KitKat Chunky for the first time and go to a yoga class and have a bit of a spiritual awakening (or at least a bit of a revelation that yoga could, like, Be My Thing) and reminisce about mental house parties and mental kids we've taught and about the Funniest Chat-Up Line of All Time (Do you have a boyfriend? You do? Would you like to upgrade to one who's seen a merekat?) and go to bed at 3am and realise that I am definitely, definitely getting too old for this but it was marvellous all the same - just when I'm thinking all of that, Bedders sends me this picture.

Accompanying message: Look at this amazing shop. Think it'll be pretty cool to get some stuff for the apartment here.

I think I might have to explode with excitement/stamp my feet in a bid to hurry up time.



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