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Posted on: Wednesday, 25 January 2012


You are a tease.

You are so very sexy. But oh-so-very cutsey 'n' coy simultaneously.

And your dresses have names like Vox Populi and Persephone. Actually dying here, people.

(vox populi. vox lauri, more like. see, the 'i' denotes the genitive. knew that latin a-level would come in handy.)

(engagement card. uber-cute.)

(a little bit of me dies when i realise we didn't have this as a guest-book-devicey-thing at our wedding. it is so unutterably perfect.)

(this photo album is described as a 'handsome velvet photo album'. handsome, you say? oh yes you are. coochee cochee coo.)

(best name of the lot. these shoes are called ELOPEMENT PUMPS. they are $340. can i justify?!)

All pickletures BHLDN.


If only I didn't have my saving boots on.

More on saving boots (and the reason behind them) soon.


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