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Oh Baby

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I'm trying to find a present for some lovely friends of ours who've just had a little 'un. And I want to buy them some REALLY AWESOME baby clothes.

Now, I appreciate that dressing your baby like a gangster isn't for everyone. But how amazing are these?

No, indeed she isn't.

I appreciate a good pun as much as the next girl.

Actually bought this for a work colleague once upon a time. Well, for his child. He WAS a Dylan fan.

And these are my ACTUAL favourites. Love and Hate scratch mits!

Sadly, I don't think gangster wear is what our dear friends have in mind. They farm. They are wholesome. They are uber-lovely.

So...those Scandinavians. They're bloody cool, aren't they? Just type 'Scandinavian Baby Clothes' into Google (you know, if you're bored, like) and see what comes up.

In fact, you don't need to bother. Look - I'll show you.

I like the psychedelic LSD-inspired surrealness of this one. It's all a bit Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

This baby's daddy is a farmer! How perfect is this?

Oh, hang on. Not as perfect as this! (although secretly I suspect this might be a little bit ugly and I'm being sucked in by the kitsch factor).

When I have a child, it's going to be EXQUISITELY dressed.


  1. I do love staring longingly at Scandinavian children's clothes. I am lusting after Molo rainbow wellies, sadly they cost 3x as much as Sainsbury's wellies. But if I was buying for a girl, I'd be very tempted by one of these http://sophie4sophie.com/products.html

  2. Aw man, why don't they do boys' stuff?!

  3. I LOVE the last one! If I show Sam it he might decide to have babies NOW. Or maybe he'll just get one in a large, for himself.



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