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My Kind of Wonderful

Posted on: Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sometimes - just sometimes - when something is truly, truly wonderful, I hear the Jurassic Park theme tune in my head. Sometimes I hum it. It's my 'Soundtrack to Wonderful.'

Go on. Give it a listen. Nothing sums up a sense of wonderment quite as well. I imagine them going into the park, wide-mouthed at the dinosaurs. I remember that guy in the lab saying, "DINO DNA!"

Ah, John Williams. You're actually a genius.

Here is the latest reason for my Jurassic Park theme tune fix.

These are, like, ME, but in boot form, Seriously, if I was made out of green leather and hob nails and coloured fabric, this is what I'd look like. Oh, I love them. They've turned me into a gibbering wreck.

I hate you, Plumo. You're so freakin' expensive, yet so very, very beautiful. And even though the logical part of my brain knows that your advertising campaign is super-sneaky-sly (let's make all the models look BANG ON TREND with matte red lipstick! And thick fringes! And frowns! Let's use grainy 1970s photography! Nothing's 'grey' or 'green', but rather 'pewter' or ' teal' and all the styles have lovely old lady names like 'Myrtle') nevertheless, it makes me ache to be even half as cool.

Except I'm not cool. And these boots are NOT affordable. Sigh. £359 squid.

Bedford is about to embark on a work trip to Brussels for a fortnight and has caught me cooing over them again. Like, for the fourth time in two days.  

"Laura," he said. "Please don't buy those while I'm away."


But a girl can dream, yeah?

This is the PERFECT jumper for wearing on a ferry to the Arran Islands. What do you mean, that's not a good enough reason to spend 229 quid on it?

When I am a grown-up and I go on a work's Christmas do that doesn't invovle standing on a table in a German Beer Tent singing 'I Am The Music Man', THIS is the dress I will wear.

And when I start fancying myself as Jackie O, this is what I shall be sashaying into town in. For cocktails or suchlike. This is called a 'Bon Bon coat' - can you believe it? I'd wear it for the name alone.

So there you have it. What I would be wearing this Christmas, if 1) money was no object and 2) I wasn't off to India. Oopsy. Forgot that one.


  1. I am soo with you on the plumo catalogue love/despair!

    I am also a clog fanatic, have my latest clogboot on my blogpost, they are less colourful but pretty damn lush all the same! Beautifully made in Denmark and not nearly so expensive. And they do amazing summer clog sandals too...sigh! Bx

  2. Aaah Plumo. I've just bought my first Plumo item. A necklace that was under £20 & with one of their discounts so a bargain. I love it. The rest is sadly unobtainable. Here's hoping for an amazing sale...


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