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I Don't Like Mondays

Posted on: Sunday, 7 November 2010

I've had a super-pleasant weekend, thanks for asking.

On Saturday, the boy Bedford and I woke up at a time not pre-ordained by an alarm. Yes, that is correct. We Did Not Set No Mobile Phone Alarum Bell. I cannot put into words the deliciousness of a lie-in after a particularly hellish week.

Oh my. It was rather glorious.

I say the week had been hellish. Well, it had been busy, anyway. The brothership had been down for a couple of nights, you see. He's decided that he wants to be a teacher and spent Thursday and Friday in some Leeds' schools. I don't think I'd fully realised just how sedate mine and Bedders' lives have become.

We do stuff, don't get me wrong. We work loooong hours, for a start. I'm out of the house by 6:45am, generally, and he's not long behind me. Frequently, then, midweek, there's an evening at a friend's for tea, and there's my regular tutoring slot on a Wednesday. I try to go running a few times mid-week and we might head to the cinema or out for tea one night if we're feeling particularly decadent.

However, we don't have a telly. Not in a "We've-Made-A-Conscious-Choice-Maaaaaan-And-We're-Too-Cool-And-Hippy-Esque-For-Televisual-Entertainment" kind of way. No, no. Bedders moved in last June, and I moved the telly a few weeks before into the cellar as he was bringing a little flatscreen job with him. It was infinitely preferable to the huge, 15 year old, several stone in weight bad boy that I nearly damaged my spine carrying down the cellar steps.

But it turns out we don't have an aerial. Or something. We haven't figured it out. But clearly we're not that bothered as we're still television-less.

Devoid of telly. Gasp. Horror. Imagine.

James couldn't get his head round it. Said telly DOES have the capacity to play DVDs, however. And so we were treated to all 6 foot 2 inches of brother James stretched acorss the sofa, lights off (they interfered with the picture, apparently) and Brokeback Mountain blaring. It's a good film but, man, that maudlin mouth-organ/banjo soundtrack really starts to grate when you're attempting a bit of work.

So on Saturday we left our troubles behind us, cycled up to Headingley on the aforementioned 1940s bike and Bedders' foldaway beaut and did some food shopping. And today we went to the Reliance in Leeds with the parents-in-law-to-be and their friends.

It's a lovely spot.

The sausage and mash was sumptuous, I tell thee.

But I'm procrastinating. I need to do some school work.

Badabing. Inabit.


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