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Wit and wisdom on having a baby

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 July 2014

1) My sister: 'Your days become three-hour Groundhog Days. Feed, wind, sleep, change, repeat.' 

2) My mother: 'I won't lie, Laura, childbirth is horrific. If someone had offered to put me out of my misery when I was in labour with you, I'd have gone for it. What can I say? I wasn't in a rational place.'

3) A friend: (incredulous tone) 'You need a creche for September 2015 and you haven't started looking yet? Good luck with that.'

4) A friend's mother: 'When I had David he just booted his way out!' (uncertain pause) 'It'll be different for you, I expect.'

5) A colleague, in response to my lament that I'll have nothing to wear in September: (helpful tone) 'A tent?'

I'm trying to have more thoughts, more words. Maybe it's a school holiday flash-in-the-pan type thing. And I'm about to go on holiday, like - oh, you know, Capri, sun, a pool, a hammock, forty seven books. Oops, mustn't dribble) - but after that, mebbes. 

What's the best* thing anyone's ever said to you about having a baby?

* by 'best' I do, of course, mean grossly insensitive/unbelievably doltish.

picture, also on my baby-related pinterest board 'paddy' (it's just a nickname, allreet?)


  1. My (not surprisingly ex-) husband, after watching me endure a sleepless, medication-free 5 days of intense back labour contractions ranging from every 5 to every 20 minutes, followed by 16 hours of active, every 2 minutes edging into constant contractions, and TWO hours of pushing: "I can't wait to do this again!" He came very close to death in that moment.


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