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Guess what? ME

Posted on: Sunday, 26 January 2014

Or, more specifically, me singing the praises of the PeleMele bookshop in Ixelles (which is defo worth a visit if you're Brussels-bound at any point) in the Eurostar magazine. 

Things you may not realise about bookshops:

1) Bookshops are inordinately busy at a time when you may think they're going to be deserted - oo, say 10am on a Saturday morning. 

2) People in bookshops at 10am on a Saturday morning get seriously narked if their browsing is impeded by a massive tripod and an arsey French photographer barking instructions to his uncooperative subject (err, me). 

3) The presence of people in bookshops is not at all conducive to one looking natural or relaxed. Not does it help one to 'look cheeky' or 'look fun' (look FUN? what do you MEAN?) when they're directed to by aforementioned photographer.  In fact, it makes the whole process excruciating in the truest sense of the word which, if my Latin A-level serves me well (AND BY GOD IT HAS), has some connection to torment of crucifixion standards. 

This is the best of a bad bunch. Really. And it's going up here as a counterpoint to the horrendously awkward you-want-me-to-look-WHAT? hunchbacked one that they'll probably actually run. 

I think I've gone off the idea of fame and fortune. Seriously, how do Miley and Ri-Ri cope? Jesus, I'd have a breakdown. 


  1. Gorgeous shot... and I love the story behind it! (I recently as part of a scavenger hunt filmed a v short movie in a book shop... and yes was just as surprised by how randomly busy it was on a Friday morning!)


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