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Oh hai.

Posted on: Monday, 20 May 2013

Holy Mother of God, I redesigned the blog. 

What started as a little project - three? four? - weeks ago turned into a mammoth sweaty-palmed operation which eventually involved some head bashing against the computer, swearing and generally poor behaviour. It was a bit like the 'This shouldn't be so hard, I have a degreeeeee!' Indian visa application moment of late 2011. I am not proud. 

Credit where credit's due: Kirsty and her redesign are actual real-life inspirations not too dissimilar from the likes of ooh, Nelson Mandela or Roy Castle. I talk about her in hushed, reverent tones usually reserved by little Italian ladies for discussing Padre Pio. Even Bedders is familiar with the ins and outs of her reworking, poor sod. She also pointed me in the direction of Pugly Pixel and Blog Milk (gracias to both respectively), without which this little stationery junkie wouldn't have found lots of pretty backgrounds and textures and oh-my-God-the-photo-layouts. So merci buckets to Kirsty. Respect, innit. Your posts encouraged me to try to make sense of HTML and CSS; without them, I'd have inevitably had a big girly hissy fit. 

Please don't get me started, mind, on the bits that aren't quite right yet. Ugly 'follow me' twitter button, your days are numbered. 'About' page: you were there one minute and then disappeared the next, but you'll soon be back, don't you worry. At this current moment I would do (very) bad things for an on-hand ICT support team, so if you're that way inclined don't hesitate to contact me (at least when you click on my email to the right, there's a working link. I'll pay you handsomely in, err, biscuits or something.

So what have I actually been up to other than this little redesign adventure? Well, I've been playing around with my new 50mm camera lens. Oh, it's dreamy. And I've been writing; more on that soon. Oh, and I SAW GATSBY! I should really write a review. I'll write a review. Soon. 

Thank you for bearing with me. More LOLs, ROFLs and Shnarfs from Thundercats very soon.


  1. So prettttty! Well done, it looks ace!

    And you might like to know that when I redesigned my blog, I went from dozens of spam comments per day to none at all, so maybe it will work its magic for you.

    1. Aw, shucks, thanks.

      Like I've said,bits to tweak, but it's so much cleaner and prettier. Your posts REALLY helped. In fact, I already owe you a payment in biscuits in lieu for assistance already received...

  2. Here another Laura in Brussels! In love too with Ireland and a lazy writer (sometimes). I spent a long time reading your blog, it's great and I'm going to follow you!

    (Looking forward to watch Great Gatsby! Is it good?) ;)

  3. What are the chances?! Gatsby was ace, but I HAVE been hyping it up for a year, so it had a lot to live up to and I was little bit disappointed with a couple of aspects. Ho-hum, personal preference I suppose.

  4. I'll watch it to see, I love Baz Luhrmann. Thanks for the reply!


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