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Reason #4713 Why I Love Bedders

Posted on: Sunday, 24 March 2013

We had a squabble. 

It's the end of term, it's STILL fecking snowing, I've had a cold and we are DYING for a week in Spain. 

He called me a monkey. On reflection, I was being a bit of a monkey, but then so was he. I told him such. 

And then I got this in an email:

"Two monkeys leads to bickering. Two monkeys in Spain are always happier monkeys, and the monkeys have a week before that. Best that the monkeys realise this and get on better to ensure some good monkeying around in Spain, non? This counts for both monkeys, and this monkey has had a word."

And then this picture:

Apparently he looks like me. Cheeky get. 

Mind you, I was forced to admit the similarity

(By the way, do you crave more pictures like this? Eat your heart out.) 


Four. More. Days. Till. Sunshine. 


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