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The Girl With The Boring Hair

Posted on: Sunday, 18 March 2012

I know a girl - a friend of a friend, if you like - who has a phobia of being referred to by other people as The Girl With The Boring Hair.

Not Girl-Who-Bores-The-Arse-Off-You. Not Girl-With-A-Ferocious-Monobrow. That-Girl-With-The-Deeply-Irritating-Laugh. The tag she fears most is to be deemed to have have boring hair.

I nodded sagely when I heard that. Because, guess what? I have my own cross to bear. I, too, have always felt my barnet to be sadly lacking in the Interesting? Dept.

At school I had fair hair. It was all one length. My mother put me off having layers cut in a'la Rachel offov Friends (it was the 90s) because she said it'd look like I had "a head full of split ends'. And so it remained shoulder-length, mousey-brown with a persistent cow's lick at the front (this may have been the days of Rachel offov Friends, but it was also pre-GHDs).

At University, I got a side fringe cut in. You'd have thought I was having a lobotomy from the excruciating self-examination that went on prior to the big event. Then I went for a slightly chestnutty shade. Oh my. Teetering on the edge of anarchy. Vivienne Westwood ain't got nothing on me.

So what have I been up to recently? Well, amongst other things which I shall go into in due course, I have been HAVING MY HAIR DIP-DYED. I believe 'ombred' is the correct term. Fair play to the hairdresser who squinted at the pixelated picture of Alexa Chung on my crackberry screen and refrained from rolling her eyes when I said, "Errr, sort of like that?"

And I do rather like swishing it about.


  1. I'm a big fan of this look but had no idea it was an actual style. Naive me thought they had just nailed growing out their last dye job.

    Your Mam was right by the way. My last haircut bordered on being a 'Rachel' (at the age of fricking 28). I have no idea how it happened but as soon as I washed it myself, there was the head full of split ends look. Luckily I discovered the wonder tool that is the Babyliss Big Hair thingy. 'Tis marvellous.

  2. Is that the spiral-tongy thing? I have one too. It's amezzin!

  3. This is amazing!!! I love the dippy-doo!



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