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The End of the Summer

Posted on: Thursday, 22 September 2011

'....until they think warm days will never cease.'

I was conned. I thought they'd never cease. But cease they have. Last night was the first night of 'oh-God-this-lighting-in-the-bathroom-is-a-bit-harsh-and-it's-only-just-after-8-o'clock.'

I have a feeling that more shock-revelations (having to put the heating on? That awful juddering noise the back wiper makes as it skids over an icy windscreen?) are on their way.

The last wedding of the season is on Saturday (hurrah for Mick and Sarah!). I'm a little sad. Sniff.

Summer seems a while ago. 

But Autumn has its music too.


  1. It's thinking the alarm going off is a dream because it's so dark at 6am that gets me... Plus taking the last of the toe nail varnish off - and not replacing...
    Happy Autumn Music


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