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Posted on: Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bedders is on his stag do.

I have spent the day doing the following:

- Picked up my car from Headingley before the traffic wardens come on duty at 8:30. Got there at 8:33. Realised the sign read 'No Parking from 8:00am'. Not 8:30. Didn't get a ticket though. Woop.

- Spoke to my sister about potential bridemaid dresses at length (for her wedding, not mine). Looked online at a Laura Ashley number. Recalled a Laura Ashely denim pinafore of my youth with much fondness.

- Walked into town. Bought a lovely top in Joules. Browsed in Oxfam Books.

- Spoke to a hungover Bedders. Spoke to my mum. Spoke to Bedders' mum. Spoke to dear Alex.

- Charged my phone.

-Bought sushi. Ate sushi. Realised M&S's new long packaging is a con. Exactly the same amount of sushi as before but it LOOKS LIKE MORE.

-Thought about doing work. Discarded thought.

- Kate came over. Discussed her (very exciting) love life at length. Drank tea.

- Ran five miles. Grr. Machine.

- Realised the oven is broked. Hmm. Made scrambled egg and salmon on toast. Realised my day has been quite fishy, what the sushi and whatnot. Ho hum.

-Bought paper. Read paper. Laughed out loud at Caitlin Moran's Royal Wedding Run-Down.

"Later in the show, presenter Andrew Neil asked if he, (Richard) Madeley, would "get rid of Charles and make William king. Madeley replied, "Well, if he was gaga, obviously," with the kind of breezy certainty that suggested that, should our heir apparent actually "go gaga", Madeley would step up to the plate and finish Charles off with a spade, as if he were an old badger knocked down by a car."


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