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Happy Holidays

Posted on: Thursday, 7 April 2011

Well, what has been happening lately? Hmm. Let me think.

We went to Corner of Eden. Possibly the most beautiful b&b in all of England. It's freakin' stunning, man. Cue a couple of lazy days where Bedford and I managed successfully to unwind.

In  addition to the b&b, they've just finished a self-catering barn conversion next door which sleeps six. Check it out. Anyone fancy a weekend away? I bloody do if I get to sit on that tartan sofa.

We spent a couple of hours and sixty quid in a second-handbookshop in Sedbergh (it's the Hay-on-Wye of the North, don't you know?) We ate lots of chips. We lay in until the ungodly hour of NINE AM.

In short, it was mint.

On the first night we had tea in The Black Swan in Ravenstonedale and the Lambing Live team were in. It could only happen with Bedford, I tell you. We'd joked on the way in, 'Oo, perhaps we'll see Adam Henson! And Kate Humble! And her bouncy hair!' Sure enough we walked in and who was established in the snug? Adam Henson, Kate Humble and her bouncy hair.  

Pffft. What're the chances?

For the Countryfile fans amongst you, Adam was very nice and signed and autograph for a toddler who plainly had no idea who he was but whose mum obviously fancied him. Quite a bit. And had a laddy conversation with a cameraman about a bird he's been seeing. The cameraman, not Adam.

There was lots of loud, braying BBC laughter and outside broadcast in-jokes. "Fnarr fnarr, but did you get a camera on it? Fnarr fnarr...." O....K....

I have also rekindled my love for Home Sense. Yes, there is some rubbish in there. Yes, at the present moment in time you will probably have to struggle past a Royal Wedding Street Party themed display on the way in. However, it's worth it when you can buy Orla Keily pillow cases on the cheap.

And...drumroll...wedding invites have LANDED. Although I will probably save pictures of that for my next RMW post. Oh my. I don't think I've ever been so pleased with anything in my whole life. Other than Bedford, that is. Doh.

Finally, in other news, the price of milk from milkman Gary has gone up by 3 ENGLISH PENCE. I know.

Doesn't he leave us lovely retro glass bottles, though?

I figure he's worth it on that count alone. I'm a sucker, I know.


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