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Seven things

Posted on: Thursday, 10 February 2011

Seven Things What You May Or May Not Know About Me

1) Awful schmaltzy country music is my guilty pleasure. I blame it on summer holidays in Ireland and being subjected to hours of Mid West Radio. If it's got a chorus about Daddy, pick-up trucks or lurrrve, and is sung by a fella called Doc or Chuck, the chances are I'm weeping in the corner.

2) My favourite place in the world is probably Northumberland. I spend inordiante amount of time hatching 'The Plan' whereby I could go and make it my home. This involves winning the lottery/sacking off the teaching/becoming a hippy home tutor/no longer caring about having money for lovely shoes and stuff...

3) I don't like prune juice. I don't care how good it is for you. It's rancid. It makes my mouth full up with water and soon enough I'm projectile vomiting.

4) My nickname is 'Pottymouth'. Ahem. I have no idea why.

5) I like to speak Franglais. I know it makes me sound like a twat. When I actually went to France in the summer my French was rubbish, too. An injustice, given the practice I put in at home.

6) I was an indiscriminate reader as a youngster. I'd read owt. Still will - well, with limits. I wouldn't stoop to any shitey Chick Lit - that's about the only no-no there is, though. I'd cast my eye over the back of a cereal packet if I was desperate. Or an Autotrader - you know, if I was in a garage or something. I remember being in Year 9 at school and reading Jane Eyre one week and then a Maeve Binchy novel the next and thinking that they were EQUALLY BRILLIANT.

7) And finally, I am LOVING playing Lady Gaga en route to work at the moment. She gets me pumped up for the day. In fact, she's rivaling Springsteen AND dodgy Irish folk.

I heart Poker Face the mostest.

PS I got this idea from  imperfectpages, who knows infinitely more about blogging than me. I just thought it sounded fun :)


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